What clients have to say...

*We do not elicit testimonials from our clients. Clients are encouraged to review our services independently and constructively by completing the anonymous survey after each session/reviews etc.

 “I would just like to thank you for your assistance with the comprehensive assessment V underwent...It was most beneficial to her and to us and we all believe the outcome was incredibly accurate”, AN (Parent), Jhb (Student Career Assessment)

  "Once again thank you so much for all the guidance, it was a experience and so much has changed since i saw you (well, many plans for change and i am more positive)" - LvW, Student (University Student Career Assessment)

"We spoke to J the evening of the assessment and he was very pleased that we had sent him for the career advice.  The results have given him a much clearer picture of what careers he pursue and he also better understands himself.  I will certainly use your company again when the need arises. Regards, Y" (Student Career Assessment)

 "Thank You very much, I really appreciate the time you spent with me, I feel very excited and confident about my choice", BJ (Adult Career Assessment)

"Thanks very much for the info, and thank you for making the time to see me on that Saturday. The session was very useful, providing much food for thought", AY (Young Adult Career Assessment)

 "Thank you very much ...your feedback has certainly given us a lot to think about and to do whatever we can to support [child's] development" - JB, (Parent) (Student Career Assessment)

 "I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the fantastic and understandable report on S. His feedback: She got into my head, and all that she said was exactly the way that I am. She knows me better than my own mother!!! I will refer all my clients to you!" - EM, Jhb (Developmental Career Assessment and Recruitment)

 "Thank you for today. You helped me unpack a lot about myself" - KN, (Mid-Career Career counselling)

"Thank you so much for your advice, it has been a very helpful process. I will definitely be in touch if I'm unsure of how to proceed. Kind regards, T" (Mid-career Assessment & Career Counselling)

  "Thank you for today! I feel a lot more confident that I am going into the right direction. Now I need to go through the steps and guidelines so I can find my perfect job" - WS (Adult Career Assessment)

  “Thank you for the career counselling session on friday it was really eye opening for me. I will keep you posted as to where I am in the next coming weeks and months” - NR, Jhb (Young Adult Career counselling)

 "Thank you! Your help and everything you've done is greatly appreciated!" - CW (Mid-Career Assessment)