We offer value-adding customised career counselling services, psychometric career assessment solutions and workshops for the modern workplace.
Our services are in accordance with best practices in the fields of career guidance and psychometric testing for organizational purposes. 
We have a wide range of tests to assess aptitudes, personality, career interests, values, motivations and emotional functioning which aim to empower individuals to make sound, informed decisions regarding their studies, career progression and attain career satisfaction through engaging in a process of personal development and gaining insight into career needs; and to enable organisations to select, and retain the best talent.
We keep up to date with industrial, occupational and academic trends so that accurate information is provided to clients. We provide comprehensive information and resources about the worlds of work and studying to clients.
We maintain strict professional and ethical standards and have a high level of integrity. We value efficiency, reliability and dependability.  We ensure excellent turnaround times for testing, reporting and feedback. 
We understand broader contextual factors and as such, utilise a holistic, empathic approach with customised solutions that meet both individual and organisational needs. 
We do not compromise on quality. The psychometric tools that are used are of a particularly high standard, approved by the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and internationally recognised. The assessment measures are well researched and continuously updated to ensure applicability to a South African context and with an extensive range of South African norms to ensure fairness, reliability and validity. 
We are passionate about people and organisational development and have a strong focus on delivering solutions that meet the needs of the changing South African organisational context.

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