Developmental & Career Assessment

  • A comprehensive series of pencil-paper exercises and computerised assessments (user-friendly).
  • All tests are classified and approved by the HPCSA, reputable and normed for the South African population.
  • We assess: Aptitudes, Personality, Career Interests & Values.
  • Assessments are developmentally focussed too, providing a holistic image of a person to assist them in developing the best version of themselves.
  • We use specially tailored batteries for clients taking into account educational level / work experience.
  • The Assessment is +/- 3-hours incl. a break.
  • Comprehensive reports are given to the client and results are discussed in a 1-hour feedback session.
  • Testing is conducted in a safe, professional environment under the supervision of a Counselling Psychologist. 
  • Parents may join in the latter 45-mins of the feedback process.

 Cost and Bookings

  • School Students: R2500.00
  • Tertiary Students / Recent graduates: R2700.00

  • Corporate: Please call us on +27 10 012 3308

  • The full fee must be paid before the assessment is conducted (EFT/direct deposit).  

  • Please book in advance for school holidays.

t: +27100123308

What are Psychometric Career Assessments?
o Formal, structured exercises designed by psychologists / psychometrists to measure psychological qualities that assists you to choose a career that suits your personality, abilities, interests and values. Developmental assessments are holistic in nature, allowing you to gain insight into yourself, your general strengths and limitations; and providing guidance so that you may develop into the best version of YOU!
o Measures are scientifically researched and tested to ensure that they fair, reliable and valid!
Only individuals registered with the Professional Board for Psychology under the auspices of the HPCSA may administer, score, interpret and give feedback on psychological tests (e.g. Aptitude/Intellectual, Personality, Projectives). Interpretation and feedback are limited to Registered Psychologists, and (with exception to certain tests), psychometrists registered in the category Independent/Private practice. 
References: HPCSA Classification of Tests (207) and Policy on Classification of Psychometric Measuring Devices, Instruments, Methods and Techniques (208); Health Professions Act 56 of 1974.