The Career Guidance Workshop

1. Who is the Career Guidance Workshop for?

  • School Students from Grade 9 - 12
  • Tertiary learners
  • Young graduates/young adults entering the job market
  • Companies/organisations

2. What is all about?


  • To educate candidates about personal career development
  • How to make good career choices based on personal strengths, values, interests and abilities
  • Introduction to the "World of Study" and "World of Work"

Method: Workshops are 2.5 hours including a break. Educative "lectures" + Interactive individual and group activities are done with candidates.

Venue: We come to your school, community centre, organisation/company premises OR we host you at a suitable venue at an additional fee.

Workshop Outline:

  • What is career guidance and career development?
  • Importance of career guidance and career development
  • Exercises on self-knowledge, with an emphasis on personality, values, interests and abilities
  • Guidance on Job Applications (CV Writing, Finding employment, cover letters etc)
  • Occupational awareness and study option awareness
  • For Grade 9s, there is a tailored Subject choice workshop.

Booklets: Individuals are given an information pack containing all the workshop material. Additional Career Action Packs may be purchased.

3. What are the costs involved?

  • Packages can be tailored to your needs or to include assessment measures. Please call us to enquire further.

4. How do I make a booking/enquire further?

5. Any other workshops on offer?

  • For Learners: Study Skills, Goal-setting and Motivation, Self-Esteem, Time-management, Leadership, Life skills series
  • For Young/Older Adults: Increasing your employability, Time-management, Goal-setting/Motivation, Leadership, CV Writing,  Job Interviews, Personal Branding/ Other (tailored)